Our One Year BOSFilipiversary

By Trish Fontanilla

BOSFilipinos One Year Anniversary

Wow. Can y’all believe it’s been a year? Since BOSFilipinos launched on July 7, 2017, we’ve:

Not too shabby for a completely volunteer-run org!

So thank you, thank you, thank you to the cheerleaders, the contributors, the social media-ers, the table sitters, the volunteers, all the amplifiers that shared the love with us and their networks, friends, and families. We wouldn’t have gotten through this year without your support!

Moving Forward

What’s next? Well, we’re looking to our Filipino community AND allies to help us expand and form even deeper connections to Greater Boston. As for the founding team, right now Leila is taking some time “off” to spend with her beautiful baby boy that graced us with his presence this month, and Bianca will be taking a step back from BF as she continues to focus on her blog and her fab new job. While they will be contributing where they can (Leila will be re-joining us towards the end of the year, and Bianca will continue to run Instagram), to make this next year even more impactful than the last, we’re going to need some passionate volunteers to help us level up BOSFilipinos’ presence around Greater Boston.

Volunteer positions (of all levels) include:

Writers - If you’ve got one great post that you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know where to publish, or you’ve got a series of posts in mind, we’d love to hear your ideas. We’ll work with you to develop your content, and we’ll help edit your posts as well.

Editors - If you know how to properly use a semicolon and have a 1 or 2 hours each month to proofread posts, newsletters, and the like, we’d love to have you onboard to make our content snappier.

Event planners / helpers - This goes out to the people that have event ideas they’d like to execute on, and the folks that love meeting new people and want to rep BOSFilipinos at events.

Social media - For the Twitterers, Facebookers, and Instagrammers that want to help us run our feeds regularly, or do takeovers at events.

Partnerships / Sponsors - If you’re a connector that wants to help us form deeper relationships with Filipino orgs, Asian orgs, the city, and beyond to create both inclusive and expansive events, this shiny new volunteer role is for you!

Designers - If you love makin’ posters, flyers, and graphics to promote BOSFilipinos and help us illustrate our message through design… hiii, let’s talk.

Admins / Project Managers - For those detail-oriented folks that like to keep everyone in check!

We’re looking for all levels of experience.

And if you want to help and you don’t quite fit into any of the categories listed above (maybe you’re a creative, maybe you’ve just got feedback), feel free to write in anyway: info@bosfilipinos.com or fill out the volunteer form.

Thanks again to everyone for being such an amazing part of the BOSFilipinos community (yes, if you’re reading this, we’re talking to you!). We can’t wait to bring you even more awesome BFness in the year to come!

We’re always looking for BOSFilipinos blog writers / subjects! If you’d like to contribute or have a suggestions, feel free to send us a note: info@bosfilipinos.com.