We want to elevate Filipino culture in the greater Boston area by creating and collaborating around Filipino and Asian American content / events / educational programming.

Founding Team

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Leila Amerling


Leila Amerling (pronounced as Lai-lah) has a big appetite for life (except for winter sports or height-related activities). She would do anything to have Anthony Bourdain’s job, he also her favorite “celebrity” of all time (Bourdain for President!) Leila would love to eat her way around the world. Travelling to all ends of the earth to experience “real” food. She has a true passion for international cuisine, especially Asian, particularly Filipino, duh! Being half Filipina and having been raised in the Philippines, her dream is to be an active member of a Boston-based Filipino community and for Filipino food to be the next popular cuisine of choice, specifically in Boston.  Looks like part of the dream is coming true!

She received her BA in Business at Emmanuel College, Boston. Then her MBA with a double specialization in Innovation and Strategy & Organization at WHU-Koblenz, Germany. Leila has pretty good taste in fashion, better taste in crafting, and is at her best while cooking and hosting dinner parties (or sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, while eating with her hands) at her loft in Boston’s Leather District. She is the “Forks” half of the blog FancyForks, in which she’s partnered with LEED-Architect, Gaby Mier (aka the “Fancy” half); and is mama to a variety of thriving house orchids.


Trish having a pint in the Fontanilla Bar (Madrid, Spain).

Trish having a pint in the Fontanilla Bar (Madrid, Spain).

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Trish Fontanilla

Co-FOUNDER / Managing Director

Where you’re from: A lil town in New Jersey
Community Superpower: Seemingly bottomless energy
Favorite Filipino Dish:  Because dessert, always, I'd say turon (saba bananas, jackfruit, rolled in brown sugar then wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and fried).
I’d bring ___ to a dinner party: Pies from Petsi Pies, more specifically a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie and then one of their seasonal fruite pies.
Favorite Boston spot:  Myers+Chang! It’s one of my restaurants in Boston, and I just really love the team and vibe. I’ve spent the last 8 birthdays there!
Favorite Blog / Podcast / Etc: Besides Bianca / Leila's blogs... I'm more into newsletters. Kinda random, but I love FORTUNE's CEO Daily & raceAhead.
Why are you so excited about BF? BOSFilipinos is a long time coming. I've organized underground Filipino dinners for years now, and I can’t wait to bring more Filipino issues (and food) to light in the Greater Boston area for years to come.


bianca garcia

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Bianca Garcia


Bianca Garcia is the author of Confessions of a Chocoholic, a popular food blog that’s part memoir, part recipe collection, and part restaurant review database. She has recently appeared as a cast member of the TV show The Foodie List, which has aired in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

 Bianca moved to Boston in 2003, but goes home to Manila annually (usually during the holidays, because we all know that nothing can compare to a Pinoy Christmas!) Bianca has written about how food and culture has shaped her life. She is excited to be part of BOSFilipinos, where she can connect with the community, share her love for all things ube, and celebrate our Filipino heritage.

 Bianca graduated with master’s degrees from UMass Boston and Harvard University. She is an advertising professional and currently works for Runkeeper/ASICS. She lives in Cambridge with her husband Matt, whom she has converted to be a sinangag-addict. She can’t wait to eat with a spoon and fork with all of you.




Roland Calupe


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