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Five years of pamangan: Kare-kare at Tanám

From their page:

“Kare-kare (kah-reh kah-REH) is the dish that started it all. Hungry for Filipino food, Ellie and her brother RJ set out to make an unadulterated version of their father's recipe for kare-kare. Authenticity has always been a dubious concept, and so while this kare-kare may not be your favorite tita's version, it is 100% nostalgia-inducing for anyone familiar with this family recipe. This ticket buys a serving of kare-kare, an oxtail dish with bokchoy, eggplant and yardlong beans, covered with a fairly muted peanut and toasted rice gravy, meant to be salted to your liking with baguk, or shrimp paste, and eaten with a heaping mound of rice. 

For those who can't partake in beef for one reason or another, we'll be making a vegan version of this as well (please note that this version does cost more, as we'll be making vegan oxtail and vegan shrimp paste for this special occasion).

Buy a ticket ahead of time, as supplies are limited to the small space we have and you don't want to be disappointed when you come to visit! Presale ends day of at 9 AM. Purchase of a ticket does not ensure a seat in Tanám's dining room or patio, but all servings will be packaged to go, so can be enjoyed elsewhere in the courtyard. Cocktails, beer and wine will be available, but can only be consumed in Tanám's dining room and patio.”

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