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Somerlove: Outdoor Inasal Filipino BBQ and Cocktails

*Rain date Sunday, July 29, 2018*

Cocktails and BBQ during the summer magic hour! Join us outside for grilled Bacolod-style chicken and king oyster mushroom plates and your choice of cocktail. Purchase ahead of time for a $20 ticket, which buys you a cocktail, 2 skewers of chicken or king oyster mushroom, rice and housemade achara. Add-ons for advance purchase include coconut milk braised greens and our take on turron. More skewers onsite as long as supplies last!

Tanám Old Fashioned
Whistlepig Farmstock Rye Whiskey, ginger, aromatic bitters, lime 14

Pandan limeade
Infanta lambanog, pandan, lime, oleo saccharum 14
Non-alcoholic 7

Salabat tea
Monkey Shoulder Scotch, ginger lemon tea, honey, black peppercorn, boba 13
Non-alcoholic 6

Tanduay Gold Rum, Angostura amaro, roasted pineapple shrub, bitters, chicha hondureña 14

 - Different from Tanám
Inman/Union Square
Washington St & Beacon St
Somerville, MA 02143